Every parent wants the best for their child's education and so does the PTA.  With recent budget cuts it is necessary, more than ever, for the PTA to raise much needed funds to sponsor these programs.  We need your help and support to raise these funds too.  Together we can achieve more to invest in our children's future!

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WHAT Does the PTA do?


Lake Mathews Elementary PTA sponsors educational activities, events and programs that benefit our students as well support the needs of the teachers who instruct them.  In order to fulfill the funding requests that we receive, the PTA does fundraisers throughout the year.

We invite you to become a PTA member and get involved at Lake Mathews Elementary because together we can achieve more for our children and continue to help them grow into outstanding individuals.  Contact usif you'd like more information on how to become a PTA member. 

2017-2018 Lake Mathews Elementary PTA Board

  • Jag Patel, President
  • Nicole DeAnda, 1st Vice President of Programs
  • Jaimi Rudd, 2nd Vice President of Membership
  • Open Position, 3rd Vice President of Ways & Means
  • Mary Ann Estes, Secretary
  • Treasurer Committee including Jag Patel, Jaimi Rudd, Rachel Burke, 
  • Rachel Burke, Auditor
  • Paige Healy, Parliamentarian
  • Joleen Vermeer, Historian

To learn more about the roles of each board member click here.

To learn more about the California State PTA Organization clickhere.

To learn more about the National PTA Organization clickhere.