This year Lake Mathews Elementary has approximately 900 students enrolled and our fundraising goal is $60,000.  With budget cuts, it’s necessary more than ever for the PTA to raise funds for our students to go on field trips, participate in educational programs events and activities as well as support the teachers who instruct them.  If we all work together to raise these funds, then the PTA can sponsor the programs and activities that will enhance our children's well being and educational foundation.

​​​Spring Book Fair 2018

Spring Book Fair will be here June 4th through June 7th. Grades 1-6 will have an assigned day/time to visit the fair with their class. Kinder may visit the fair with a guardian during the days it is open after school or during the Laser Light Show on June 7th from 6-7:45PM. Please click here for the complete schedule and information. Volunteers are needed and appreciated. Please sign up on by clicking here

Bobcat Donation Drive

All donations are tax deductible and will be accepted throughout the year.

The Bobcat donation drive does not require any selling and 100% of your donation goes directly to support field trips, educational programs, playground equipment, technology, AR Awards and more.  All donations are appreciated and will be recognized on the on the Bobcat Donation banner located at the front of the school.  Click here to download the Bobcat Donation form.

This is a year long fundraiser
Earn money for LME from your everyday purchases. All you have to do is download the Shoparoo App, take a picture of your store receipts and Shoparoo will donate money to LME.  It's that easy!  Click hereto learn more about Shoparoo.

Box Tops

2017-18 Goal: $2,500

Box Tops is a year round fundraiser.  Attach labels to the collection form (or put 25 Box Tops in a Zip Lock bag) & submit to the office.

Help LME raise additional program funds by clipping Box Tops labels from the every day items you use at home  Students that submit 25 Box Tops will receive a Spirit Stick.  Please check the expiration date to make sure that the Box Tops are not expired.  Expired Box Tops are not valid. DownloadBox Top Collection Form.

Did you know you can earn bonus Box Tops? 

Simply sign up on and download the Box Top Bonus app on your smart phone and sign in using your information from the Box Top website.   It’s easy and free!   Submitting Box Tops and using the app will certainly help get our school closer to this year’s goal to raise $2,500.

Ralphs Community Contributions Program

Ralphs is giving up to $2,000,000 to non-profit organizations this year. Be sure to earn your share for Lake Mathews Elementary! It’s easy! Click Here for directions how to register. And click here for information about the program. You need to re-register every year.

So sign up today!

**Lake Mathews is NOT accepting “Labels for Education” labels, as this program has ended.